Libby Johnson


Class of 2019
Madison, NJ
Marketing and Kinesiology
On-Campus Involvements: 
Tribal Fever; Aim 4; Tribe Ambassador within the Admission Office; Camp Kesem; member of a social sorority

Why did you choose to attend William & Mary?

I committed to William & Mary on Day of Admitted Students (DFAS). My mother and I separated to explore campus. As I sat in the various sessions and talked to some current students, I sensed a unique vibe that I had not felt on any of the other campuses I had visited. Everyone was full of passion and completely comfortable being themselves. By the time I met back with my mom, we had both decided on our own that this was the place for me. We were right.

What is your go to Cheese Shop order?

Chicken sandwich with roasted tomatoes and House Dressing. There is no beating it.


I am one of the people in morphsuits at W&M sporting events. The cat is out of the bag.