David King


Class of 2019
New York City, New York
Government with a prospective Physics minor
On-Campus Involvements: 
Tour Guide within the Admission Office; Sadler Center Information Desk Attendant; member of a social fraternity

Why did you choose to attend William & Mary?

I chose to attend W&M because of the people. The community fostered by not only the students, but also the academic faculty as well as the college staff is one to be admired. Everyday, I relish the opportunity to interact with so many driven, intelligent and kind individuals. One of my favorite quotes is, “You show me your friends, and I’ll show you your character." By that standard, coming to W&M was a no brainer for me.

What is your go to Cheese Shop order?

My go to Cheese Shop order is literally anything as long as they include an unhealthy amount of House Dressing. That stuff is so addicting it's scary.


I have gone to multiple South and Central American countries to partake in community service and construction work.