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Courtney Barr

Courtney Barr

Class of 2021
Virginia Beach, VA
Neuroscience on a Pre-Med Track
On-Campus Involvements: 
Minorities in Medicine; William & Mary Scholars Undergraduate Research Experience (WMSURE) Student Fellow; Orientation Aide for the Office of First Year Experience, Tour Guide within the Office of Admission; Sneak Peek host; Steer Clear Driver; Campus Recreation Patron Service Assistant; dabble in research
Why did you choose to attend William & Mary?

I chose William & Mary for two main reasons. The first, initial reason was because of the scholarship that I was graciously awarded. But the second reason, which has increasingly become the main focus of me loving it here at William & Mary, is without a doubt the people. And I know that sounds like a cliche answer, but hear me out. By the people, I mean anyone from the Custodial Staff or any other staff, to the professors, and extending to the students. I absolutely love the people here. From orientation, where there were a ton of bright and energetic upperclassmen there to welcome me and get me comfortable with the college campus, to the person who was responsible for my building my freshman year. Everyone that I have come in contact with has made me feel no less than welcomed even when they had no clue who I was. I also love that I am able to have a close relationship with my professors, especially those that are in charge of the WMSURE program. I could go on and on, but overall all I can say is that I love the connections that I was able to make with all the people her at the university!

What is your go to Cheese Shop order?

I'm afraid to say that I have not been to the cheese shop. I'm going to have to change that soon!


I attended a high school where we had a Legal Studies Academy with the intention of becoming a lawyer...and then I decided to become a doctor instead!