Undergraduate Admission

Applying to William & Mary: More Than a Numbers Game

William & Mary admission officers don’t have anything against numbers. Numbers are great. Some of our best friends are numbers. But a simple number, like an SAT score or class rank, will never tell the full story of who a student is and who she or he can become at William & Mary.

That's why each W&M application is read by two different admission staff members. If all we wanted were the kids with the best test scores and the longest list of extra-curricular activities, we'd let the computer do it and go home early. But what we're looking for is much more subtle and subjective than that. It makes our job harder, but the end result—an exceptionally talented and diverse student body—is more than worth it.

While there's no single formula for getting into William & Mary, we've tried to make the application process as straightforward as possible. These links will help get you started:

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