Perkins Loan

The Perkins loan program was phased out as of 10/1/2017


The Perkins loan program was formally available for those students with financial need.  The Financial Aid Office at William & Mary selects students who were eligible to receive a Perkins loan. Funds are repaid at 5% interest beginning nine months after you complete full-time school. Interest does not accrue while you are in school or during your nine month grace period. Undergraduate awards are usually restricted to $3000 or less per year, though the annual maximum is limited to $5,500 by the Federal guidelines.


The steps necessary to have had a disbursement of an accepted Perkins Loan, are posted on our loan application page.  

Even though the awarding of Perkins loan funds has been discontinued all disbursed loans are subject to repayment.  Perkins Loans are administered through Receivables & Collections. Information about the exit interview and loan servicing you can review the information on the Receivables & Collections page.