Gateway William & Mary

A gateway to a debt-free college education



Please note that Gateway now applies only to upperclassmen.  Freshmen, new transfer students, and prospective students should all refer to the William & Mary Promise site.


An educational gateway is open for Virginia students - Gateway William & Mary, an innovative financial aid program, puts a quality education within the reach of all Virginians—regardless of their ability to pay.

Designed for women and men whose academic promise exceeds their economic means, the program will provide a combination of institutional, state and federal grants for low- and middle-income students who have the desire to attend a world-class university without incurring debt.

Gateway starts where ordinary financial aid programs end. Participants will not have to take out student loans. Instead they can graduate debt-free to move on immediately to graduate school, professional education, or a fulfilling career.

A Welcoming Environment

The generous financial aid is only part of the appeal of the program. Gateway will enable students to attend William & Mary, a university known as much for its warm and welcoming campus as for its exceptional academics.

William & Mary’s modest size, low student-faculty ratio and small classes create a strong community where all students are treated as individuals and instruction is personalized. Most importantly, dedicated professors—not teaching assistants or graduate students—teach the classes.

Friendships formed during the first week of classes often last a lifetime. And at William & Mary, no one’s a nameless face.

A Great Education

The ultimate benefit of the Gateway program is, of course, a William & Mary education, one that has positioned women and men for success in many different fields. As the university’s high graduation rates show, William & Mary is determined to help young people earn their degrees and move on to even greater achievement.

With this new program, the College has removed economic barriers, and opened the gateway to a better future.

More about Gateway

The College of William & Mary has a long-standing commitment to meet 100 percent of the financial-aid need of undergraduate Virginians through a combination of grants, federal support and loans. The Gateway program is a financial aid plan that goes beyond this commitment.

Undergraduate Virginians whose families have a total income  of less than $40,000 per year may qualify for the program. Qualifying students will be given a financial aid package that covers most, if not all, of their expenses in grant. While the students may participate in student employment, most will not have to take out loans to complete their education.

In cases where the family income level is especially low, no family contribution will be required to cover the costs of attending William & Mary. In other instances, based on the information provided on the FAFSA, some contribution will be required of the family.  In some cases, the expected student's contribution may result in an unsubsidized Direct Loan or PLUS (Parent Loan) being part of their offer.

Full-time entering Freshmen are eligible for Gateway funding for a total of eight semesters.   Funds can be used for tuition, fees, room, and board, as well as towards study abroad programs.