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About Student Employment & Federal Work Study


The Financial Aid Office coordinates employment opportunities available with Center Office of Career Development & Professional Engagement for students on campus.  We do not offer a job placement service; students must find and apply for jobs themselves. You don't need Federal Work-Study in order to work on campus.  Keep in mind some employers may have limited funds and might only be able to employ work-study-eligible students.

Our office is located in Blow Memorial Hall, room 124. Anyone with questions may contact Student Employment at [[studentemploy, Student Employment]]. All positions on this website are intended for full-time classified students attending William & Mary. Some positions are limited to federal work-study (FWS) recipients only.

On-campus positions pay minimum wage ($11.00 per hour), unless otherwise specified.

Students are limited to 29 hours per week during the academic period and 40 hours per week during all breaks. Employment procedures originate with the hiring department, and applications are processed by the Financial Aid Office. To ensure prompt processing of your employment forms, bring all necessary forms of identification with you to campus. These documents include the social security card, birth certificate, or passport which will be verified by the hiring department before beginning employment.

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a need-based program awarded as part of your financial aid package. Priority is given to FWS recipients in filling posted on-campus positions. Although your award indicates a dollar limit, the maximum that you earn is dependent upon the department's budget. FWS is a financing option that helps to curtail the costs incurred while in school.

If you did not receive Federal Work-Study as part of your financial aid award, you do NOT have it. 

The Financial Aid Office is working to make student employment at the university an enjoyable experience.

Many of your questions about applying for a job or hiring students for jobs can be answered by reading one of our handbooks:

For students: 

Student Employment Flyer (pdf)                    

New Student Hire Check List (pdf)

For departments:

Department Guide (pdf)

Department Student Employee Checklist (pdf)

Scholarship and Fellowship Payments

As we approach our season of summer scholarship and fellowship disbursements, we want to provide additional guidance to all departments.  Scholarship and fellowship payments to undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled for credit hours during any part of the award time period must be processed through the Financial Aid Office, as long as the money is designed to cover expenses that are educationally related.  We define these as being tuition and fees, room and board, and allowances for books, personal, and transportation expenses.  The Financial Aid Office should be notified of the funds which meet this definition by using the attached form.

Funds paid to a person solely for summer research and not one of the educational expenses listed above will be processed through the Accounts Payable (AP) office unless the payment is to be made under an employment relationship.  For example, if a student is working for pay in the library for the summer and not enrolled for credit hours, the Student Employment form (STEP) must be completed and the payment processed by the Payroll office.  There is an exception for those paid through a fellowship, which requires that the processing be done through HR.