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Authorized Aid

What is Authorized Financial Aid?

Authorized aid is funding that is scheduled for disbursement, with all the disbursement requirements completed. It will be disbursed to your student account when the disbursement date is reached, which is the first day of classes each semester. 

Authorized aid has already been deducted from the total amount due on your bill.  The Bursar's Office is aware of your authorized aid and is giving you credit for these funds until they are officially paid at the start of classes.   You only need to pay the amount listed as Total Amount Due.  If you have a payment plan, this is the amount you will use to determine your total payment amount for the year.  (Multiply the fall amount by 2 to get a close estimate of your yearly total.)

The items listed as Authorized do not require any further action to be taken by you.

Why does my aid not appear as authorized aid?
You might have outstanding requirements that have not been met:

  •    IRS data match or IRS tax return transcript needed. Check Banner self-service and review our IRS Data Retrieval Tool/Transcript page.
  •    You have accepted your loan award but not completed the additional steps.  This problem is most common for those students who have accepted student loans. In order for your student loan to disburse, you must complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Entrance Loan Counseling. See our Loan Application Instructions page for further details.
  •   If you have accepted a Perkins Loan, there are additional forms to sign before the loans can disburse.  See our Loan Application Instructions page for further details.
  •   MISSING DOCUMENTATION: If you are missing a required document. Check Banner self-service, then review the details on our Missing Information Glossary
  •   You have not accepted your loan award. Go to Banner self-service and follow the directions or see our Loan Application Instructions page for further details.