Academic Year 2018 - 2019 Forms


These forms would only be requested if you are seeking need based financial aid from William and Mary's Office of Student Financial Aid (indicated by your filing of a FAFSA). You would not need to submit any of these forms if you only desire Merit based aid from William and Mary.

2018 - 2019 CSS Profile - Used for consideration of William and Mary grant resources, not required for federal financial aid. Our School Code is 5115

*The CSS profile is only requested of new/entering students, at this time continuing William and Mary students do not need to submit this application again.

2018 - 2019 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) - Used for consideration of Federal financial aid, this is necessary for awarding student and parent Direct loans (Stafford), Federal Work Study, and Pell grant.  Our School Code is 003705

*The FAFSA for 2018-19 will be available for students to file as early as October 1, 2017. However please note that you are not required to file this early, as our aid deadlines are quite a bit later than this initial filing date. Please refer to our announcement on priority filing dates for further information.

Please refer to our Missing Information Glossary for additional guidance on request that our office has made. Not all request have a corresponding form below, but will require other document submission as outlined in the Glossary. 


If you send unsolicited forms, we will have to verify the information regardless of the original determination of verification during our review process. In other words, if you were not originally required to go through the verification process, sending unprompted documents will require our office to verify the student. 

Our explanation on using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (IRS DRT) and instruction on obtaining an IRS Tax Return Transcript or an IRS Verification of Non-filing letter can be found in our How to Apply For Aid section of our website. 


You can now submit your documents through our online Box Portal.  
Commonly Requested Forms:

Asset Verification Form (fillable pdf form) - For all students selected for the Verification process. 

Dependency Status Worksheet (fillable pdf form) - Only submit this form if we have specifically requested it. This form is used to clarify a student's response to question 56-58 on FAFSA.

Dependent Student Verification Worksheet (fillable pdf form) - For Dependent Students Only.

Homeless Unaccompanied Youth Determination Form (fillable pdf form) - This form is used to clarify a student's response to questions 56 - 58 on FAFSA.

Independent Student Verification Worksheet (fillable pdf form) - For Independent Students Only.

Outside Scholarship Reporting Form (fillable pdf form) - Use to inform us of any outside scholarships you have received.

Part-Time/FLEX Track/December Graduates - Student Self Reported Enrollment Plan (fillable pdf form) - This form is for our part-time, FLEX track, or students graduating in December (only enrolling for the fall semester). Use this form to report anticipated enrollment to your financial aid counselor. This form will help expedite your process of review and ensure as accurate an aid package as possible is created. 


Additional Financial Aid Forms: 

Appeal for Special Circumstances Consideration (fillable pdf form) - Use this form to report a change in family situations not addressed by the FAFSA.

Dislocated Worker Verification Form (fillable pdf form) - Only submit this form if we have specifically requested it.

Dependency Override Application (fillable pdf form) - Only submit this form after consulting with your financial aid counselor.

Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose (pdf) - Only submit this form if we have specifically requested it.

Monthly Budget Worksheet (fillable pdf form) - Only submit this form if we have specifically requested it.

Original Citizenship Document Affidavit (fillable pdf form) - Student required to submit citizenship documents should present these documents in person to the Office of Financial Aid.  In cases when this is not possible, complete this form and mail legible copies of your citizenship documents to our office. DO NOT submit this form if you are able to bring your original document to the Financial Aid Office.

Sibling Enrollment Verification Form (pdf) - Only submit this form if we have specifically requested it