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2020 tax year implications on FAFSA and 22/23 Award


Reviewing potential impacts of the fluctuations of income related to COVID-19 and how it may or may not impact future financial aid.

Full Description

W&M requires the FAFSA or VASA to be filed annually for consideration of financial aid eligibility. However, this is not necessary to receive merit scholarships such as W&M Scholars, Posse Scholars, or 1693 awards.

Your 2022-23 financial aid eligibility was determined using information from your 2020 tax information. If you/your family experienced a reduction of Income in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, then the financial aid eligibility for 2022-223 may change in 2023-24 when the 2021 tax information is used to file the FAFSA. We have created a webpage to address the implications of fluctuating Income.