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Project Organization

The goals of the re.web project are:
  • To renew the College's official web presence including the following elements:
    1. a user-centric focus and a transparent administrative structure
    2. a clear, persistent navigation scheme
    3. a balanced approach to respond to unique characteristics of diverse audiences
    4. a robust and effective search feature
    5. a well-structured content model for marketing, news and multimedia
    6. a consistent design that coincides with College branding initiatives
    7. an intuitive information architecture with a focus on usability and accessibility
  • To provide integrated, more easily accessible information on curriculum, academic policies and programs (so that students, faculty and staff come to rely on the W&M web as a reliable, time-saving resource)
  • To encourage broad participation by the campus community; offering numerous opportunities for feedback and suggestions
  • To send the critical message that content is what matters most on the web
  • To establish a governance structure for W&M's web presence
Web Redesign Advisory Committee & Redesign Project Team:

Our 11-member advisory committee is broadly representative of the many stakeholders for the W&M website. The committee provide advisory oversight and acts as a conduit for information from and to the many constituencies with interests in the College's website. The committee recommends or identifies policy matters and budget issues for the attention of the Provost as this 18-month web redesign project progresses.

Committee Meeting Minutes

Susan T. Evans (Chair)
Ginger Ambler, Student Affairs
Christopher Bailey, Geology
Andrew Bauserman, IT
Henry Broaddus, Admission
Courtney Carpenter, CIO
John Kane, Alumni Association
Jack Martin, English
Jennifer Mellor, Economics
Sarah Rojas, W&M Student
John Wallace, Development

Web Redesign Project Team

This team executes and manages a comprehensive web redesign project guided by two goals; 1) to regenerate the usability, information architecture and design of the W&M web, and 2) to implement improved processes and tools for web content creation and maintenance.

Susan T. Evans, Information Technology (Chair)
Andrew Bauserman, Information Technology
Tina Coleman, Information Technology
Mike Connolly, University Relations
Joel Pattison, Information Technology
Mark Windley, Information Technology