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History of the W&M Website

The July 31, 2008 version of the About this Site page.

A new website for William & Mary officially launched on July 31, 2008. The new site represents the completion of re.web, a comprehensive project to redesign the university's web presence. The re.web blog, with its first post on November 29, 2006, outlines the history of this campus-wide effort. The re.web Project was launched on February 23, 2007, when Provost P. Geoffrey Feiss appointed a web redesign advisory committee and a project team for oversight and implementation.

What's New?

The new W&M website has a new information architecture, a new design, new writing, new photography and is published using Cascade Server, a new web content management system. New navigational elements, like W&M Websites A - Z and our information gateways customized for current students, faculty and staff, friends and neighbors, parents and families, and alumni improve the ability of our visitors to quickly find what they seek. New features and photography are showcased in W&M Impact, W&M Inquiry, W&M Style and Ideation Online. Through the new W&M Blogs, we offer the opportunity to hear the voices of our dynamic community of students, alumni, faculty, staff and administrators.

Many individuals provided sponsorship, funding, leadership, commitment, support, expertise and personal time to the W&M web redesign. We recognize both their service to the university and their contributions to our stated goals. We have a multitude to thank.

Executive Sponsorship

P. Geoffrey Feiss, Provost
Samuel E. Jones, Vice President for Finance

The W&M Web Redesign Advisory Committee
Ginger Ambler '88, Ph.D. '06, Student Affairs Renell Franklin, Development
Christopher Bailey '89, Geology John Kane, Alumni Association
Andrew Bauserman '91, M.Ed. '94, IT Jack Martin, English
Henry Broaddus, Admission Jennifer Mellor, Economics
Courtney Carpenter, CIO Sarah Rojas '10
Mike Connolly, University Relations John Wallace, Development
Patrick Donaldson '08 Susan T. Evans (Chair)
The re.web Project Team
Andrew Bauserman '91 and M.Ed. '94
Tina Coleman
Joel Pattison
Mark Windley '92
Susan T. Evans (Chair)
Dean of Admission Henry Broaddus

For 18 months, Henry Broaddus, dean of admission, offered his time and service in abundance. His commitment was extensive and at the risk of embarrassing him, we highlight and honor his multiple roles for re.web:

  • W&M Web Advisory Committee
  • RFP Committee for Web Consultant
  • Web Design Team
  • Volunteer Writer
  • Official Blogger
  • Web Editorial Board
  • Usability Testing Team
Engineering and Technical

Roger Clark '99, unix engineer in information technology was key to the successful implementation of the web content management system, Cascade Server. We thank him for his expertise, patience and responsiveness; he is a trusted and valued colleague.

University Relations

Throughout the site, you see the outstanding photography of W&M Photographer Stephen Salpukas. Through his work, you experience the vibrancy, appeal and warmth of the William & Mary campus. Joe McClain and Erin Zagursky contributed features for W&M Impact, W&M Inquiry and W&M Style. The communication, design, photography, writing and editorial contributions of University Relations were not only essential but are now the foundation of the future partnership for tending to the W&M web presence. We sincerely thank our colleagues:

Cindy Baker Suzanne Seurattan
Mike Connolly Lillian Stevens
Teri Edmundson Brian Whitson
Joe McClain David Williard
Steve Salpukas Erin Zagursky
First Web Editors to Use Cascade Server

The first web editors to use Cascade Server were patient and good-humored as we implemented and tweaked a brand-new web content management system. We salute Marilyn Carlin, Teri Edmundson, Luke Gill '09, Jean Givens-Myers, Josh Henry '03, Kathy Larrieu '90, Joe McClain, German Mendez, Steve Otto '82, Suzanne Seurattan, Amy Sikes, David Williard and Erin Zagursky.

Swem Media Center

We thank Troy Davis, Erica Fredericks '07, Kevin Heraldo '04, Jeremy Hinrichs '08, Zach Keifer '07, Steven Koernig '08 and Randall Taylor '09 for conceiving and producing the creatively fun 'Easter egg' you'll (eventually) find and enjoy in this new website.

Our Community

During a large, campus-wide project, many people support the effort in formal and informal ways and the re.web project was no exception. We are indebted to the following individuals and groups - some we knew we'd need, others we were enormously lucky to find:

Holly Alexander Agati, Res Life Daniel Key '08 Melissa Pinard, Alumni Association
A&S Dean's Advisory Council Seth Levey '08 Austin Pryor '08
A&S Faculty Affairs Committee Kathy Larrieu '90, Arts & Sciences Justin Reid '09
Board of Visitors Wendy Livingston '03, Admission Andrea Sardone, Mason School
Andy DeSoto '09 Dave Malmquist, VIMS Justin Schoonmaker '09
Sandra Eatmon, Procurement Katherine McKenzie, Swem Randy Tripp '05
Michael Fox, President's Office Clarke Morledge, IT Chris Ward, IT
Faculty Assembly Eric Myers, IT Jaime Welch-Donahue, Law
Wayne Graham, Swem Library Lenora O'Toole, IT Official W&M Bloggers
Earl Granger '92, M.Ed. '98, Enrollment Steve Otto '82, Arts & Sciences re.web Facebook Group
Trotter Hardy, Law School Barb Parcell, VIMS Readers of the re.web Blog
David Husband '09 Chris Peck, IT  
Reves Center

We appreciate the continuing support of Laurie Koloski and the commitment of Amy Kuenker '06 who volunteered to write two excellent special interest features for W&M Inquiry.

Project Supporters

During our nearly two years of planning and implementation, several individuals who contributed to the accomplishment of our goals left William & Mary. We extend thanks and appreciation to Jason Alley M.Ed. '07, Tim Jones, Bramble Klipple '88, Robbie Hott M.S. '07, Lorne Kuffel and Stewart Gamage '72.

Our Consultants

The exceptional work of our consultant, mStoner, resulted in a professional, successful, and fun partnership. In particular, we are grateful to Patrick DiMichele, Mark Sheehy, Dave Roos and Voltaire Santos Miran. Global Image, the sister company of mStoner, was an outstanding partner for the technical implementation of our new site and Cascade Server. Kudos to Michael Burks, Bill McLaughlin, Joel Stevens and Kevin Zink.

re.web Complete

The re.web project is officially complete - on time and within budget. Beginning August 1, 2008, we move from project to process. This site will continue to evolve and improve, changing on a daily basis, as we strive to offer interesting, informative and engaging content for all visitors. We will continue to rely on the talented people who love the university to make this possible.