Wedding Music & Approved Organists

Wren Chapel balconyThe Wren Chapel is acoustically suited for music of all kinds, both instrumental and vocal. Your choices for wedding music are limited only by the space available for musicians and their instruments. Musicians usually play from the balcony during weddings, but access to the balcony is tight. Some instruments (such as a full-size harp or keyboard) will not fit up the stairs. Very loud music (such as bagpipes) may be too loud for this acoustically "live" room.

You may schedule a consultation or rehearsal for your wedding music in the Chapel by contacting the Director of the Historic Campus.

The Chapel organ, which is on loan to William & Mary from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, is a valuable eighteenth-century instrument which is uniquely suited to the space. The terms of the loan stipulate that wedding organists must be selected from the Foundation's list of approved organists (see below). All organists on the list charge comparable fees. We recommend that you stipulate that your organist be present at your rehearsal.

The organ is played every Saturday morning from 10:00 to 10:30. This performance is open to the public without charge and provides an excellent opportunity for you to "audition" the organ before choosing it for your wedding music.

Because the organ is sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and relative humidity, the amount of time the Chapel door is open must be kept to a minimum. Having a receiving line or guest book at the door is discouraged because these activities generally result in longer periods of time with the door open.

Approved Organists
  • Ms. Rebecca (Beckie) Davy
    (757) 645-3431
  • Mr. Norman Elton
    (757) 293-8346
  • Mr. Tom Marshall 
    (757) 221-1078 (office)
  • Mr. Michael Monaco
    (757) 565-8984