Wheelchair Accessibility in the Wren Building

Wren Chapel interiorThe first floor of the Wren Building is wheelchair accessible by means of a wheelchair lift located on the west side of the building at the foot of the portico wall. Although the wheelchair lift is designed to be operated independently by a wheelchair user with a universal key, it is always operated by a member of the Wren Building staff who will respond to a bell rung at the call assist button on the ground and portico levels.

The Wren Building is staffed seven days a week during hours it is open to the public and in the evenings when the building is being used for special events. Every staff member is trained in the operation of the wheelchair lift, in working with wheelchair users, and in his or her responsibilities to a wheelchair user in the building. These responsibilities include opening the double doors into the first floor rooms so a wheelchair can pass through and putting the portable ramp at the first step into the chapel. Building staff are also trained to make the wheelchair user a first priority in case of a fire alarm or similar emergency. A staff member who brings a wheelchair user up onto the first floor may not leave his or her post until the wheelchair is back on the ground.

There is an ADA compliant, wheelchair accessible rest room on the first floor, across the hall from the entrance to the Great Hall.

A portable ramp (1 inch to 12 inch slope) is used to admit wheelchair users to the chapel. The design of the two additional steps between sanctuary and pew area is such that a ramp cannot be built for those steps.