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Planning In

In fall 2021, the campus will engage the strategic goals, objectives and actions outlined in Vision 2026 through a "planning in" period. Cabinet leaders will lead the development of school- and unit-specific initiatives that will advance these priorities. Cabinet leaders will then collaborate and refine plans and finalize the strategic framework for Vision 2026.

Timeline for Planning In

September: Vision 2026 framework presented to the Board of Visitors and launch of school- and unit-specific "plan in" phase

October: Cabinet members lead "planning in" in their respective schools and divisions. Units will develop school-specific "plan-in" objectives, initiatives and actions

November: Cabinet members will collaborate and refine school- and unit- specific "plan-in" objectives, initiatives and actions to finalize the strategic framework for Vision 2026

December / January / February: Cabinet will review and playback materials, with final launch of Vision 2026 by President Rowe in early February 2022.