University-wide Committees

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Apply for a university-wide committee

There are several committees that make decisions about life at William and Mary. They need you! Each of these committees has positions for students, both undergraduate and graduate. Take part in making decisions that affect you and the rest of the campus. As a committee member, you will directly influence the university's policy decisions.

The committees include university-wide committees as well as committees for specific schools & offices. Additional information is available such as a description of the role and responsibility of each group, an estimate of the time commitment required, the number of positions on each committee and additional links that may be helpful. The current list of university-wide committee members is available on the Provost Office website.

Application Instructions
Undergraduate Students

To be considered for an appointment to a university-wide committee, complete the online committee application form (deadline as passed for the 2018-19 committee selection).

Graduate Students

To be considered for an appointment to a university-wide committee, submit your application by Friday, August 24. Grad Students will be notified of appointments at the end of August.   For questions, please contact [[e|lawhitlow, Lindsey Whitlow]] (2018-19 Grad Council President).