Fall 2018 Golden Griffin Recipients

Taylor Locks - Residence Life

Core Value: Respect • October 2018

Taylor has become an integral part of the Residence Life staff. She has worked diligently to learn the position during her year with us and has established strong collaborative relationships across the division. She is eager to find ways to make our department better and has volunteered to take on new opportunities to do so. Taylor has quickly established herself with students and fellow staff as someone who can be trusted and who walks the walk and not just talks the talk. She is one of the friendliest people I have met and truly wonderful to work with. I cannot think of anybody else more deserving than her to receive a golden griffin for exhibiting the value of respect.


Laura Smith - Residence Life

Core Value: Student Centeredness - October 2018

Behind the desks of the Residence Life’s main office are many superstars. The one I would like to acknowledge today is Laura Smith, Assignment Specialist. Laura's position has morphed recently to include more collaboration for students with varying needs for specific housing accommodations. Whether a student needs to move their location due to fears of safety regarding a Title IX incident or due to changing needs related to their ADA accommodations, Laura cheerfully assists students and collaborative colleagues to make special arrangements for those in need. While the surprises and curve balls of student needs can potentially create stress in managing logistics of residential assignments, Laura handles these circumstances with compassion and grace. I am grateful to collaborate with such an understanding, positive colleague.