Spring 2017 Golden Griffin Recipients

Anna Brown - Sadler and Campus Centers

Core Value: Professional Excellence • March 2017

Anna demonstrates professional excellence in every aspect of her work, but this semester she has gone above-and-beyond to keep the Sadler Center and Campus Center running smoothly. Anna agreed to take on supervision of an additional 12 student staff members after Bev Tyler’s retirement. That is a considerable challenge in itself, but it came at a time when we were also re-imagining the role of those student workers and the physical space they occupied. Anna helped to convert the Candy Counter into an Information Desk, which was not an easy task given the many items that had accumulated over 35 years. Every day, she collaborates with her student staff and colleagues to identify numerous needs and develop solutions for new challenges. The transition has not been easy and has come with countless unexpected questions, but Anna has managed to maintain order and continues to move us forward. 

Chiquita Griffin - Cohen Career Center

Core Value: Professional Excellence • March 2017

Chiquita, simply stated, knows how to move things forward. It was challenging to select just one of the choices for this recommendation because Chiquita embodies so many of the positive traits of the Division of Student Affairs. She is exceptional at maintaining efficiency through her management of many programs and the marketing for the Cohen Career Center, while never sacrificing quality in her assistance and mentorship of our William & Mary Students. I can count on Chiquita for anything, and working closely with her benefits me both personally and professionally. She is unafraid of having tough conversations and discussing topics that are relevant to my personal advancement as well as the advancement of education and our society. I am a better practitioner because of my relationship with Chiquita, and I am a better person because of our interactions.

Shené Owens - Center for Student Diversity

Core Value: Student Centeredness • April 2017

Since joining the Center for Student Diversity in October 2016, Shené has made it her mission to forge relationships with each student who crosses her path. Even the CSD's most guarded students have instantly connected with Shené. Upon her arrival, she sat down with each leader within the President's Council to learn more about their organization and their visions for success. Her impact has transferred to the greater campus community through new Chat & Chew dialogue sessions where faculty, staff, and students have come together to discuss important issues such as campus diversity, self-care, and social justice.  Shené's contribution to the Center for Diversity spans more than just her focus on students. She has been a supportive colleague who has immediately connected with not only the CSD staff, but many across the Division of Student Affairs.

Sean Schofield - Cohen Career Center

Core Value: Collaboration • April 2017

Since the start of the 2016-2017 school year, Sean Schofield has volunteered to lead financial wellness presentations for three different Campus Recreation audiences: Sport Club officers and leaders, Campus Rec student employees, and Intramural Sports supervisors. The attendees ranged from dozens to hundreds to only a handful, and yet Sean was able to create tangible examples of financial issues that connected with our students' reality. They reported that his presentations were in-depth and effective, and he did the impossible by holding the attention of students without the assistance of free food. In the opinion of the Campus Recreation team, Sean went above and beyond as a guest speaker, and we are grateful that he took time from his busy schedule to help better position our students for what they sometimes refer to as "the real world." If there is someone who exemplifies each of the core values of Student Affairs, it is Sean.

Kelly O'Shaughnessy - Cohen Career Center

Core Value: Collaboration • May 2017

Kelly has been a valuable resource for the Athletic Department in guiding us to identify ways to engage the approximately 500 student athletes in career exploration and preparation. She has connected with coaches, staff, administrators and students, and has become a trusted partner in department life skills efforts. She goes above and beyond to facilitate engaging programming, provide information for prospective athletes and their families, meet with students in informal drop-in hours at Kaplan, and provide outreach to the freshman athlete "Academy" education sessions. She recently initiated a well-attended 3-part series specifically educating athletes on highlighting their athletic participation in job searches. Kelly also serves as a consultant to the administration and facilitator with the annual Celebration of Women's Athletics. Her enthusiasm for her role and her promotion of the Cohen Career Center are exemplary and actually highlight all the Student Affairs values. 

Zara Sibtain - Dean of Students (Parent & Family Programs)

Core Value: Professional Excellence • May 2017

As a member of the Dean of Students Office, Zara’s primary responsibility is to coordinate Parent and Family Programs. She continues to prove herself through outstanding work with all of the details and management of events, Family Weekend and Orientation. However, this nomination is for her contribution to Enrollment Support Services. During this period of transition in our office, Zara volunteers her time and talent to help our enrollment support services for walk-in appointments with students despite the overwhelming amount of work that every one of us has to do. She has tirelessly dedicated her actions - without complaint - to help our students be successful. Regularly, I can hear Zara on the phone talking to parents and students, checking to find out how they are doing and offering support during difficult times. She is truly deserving of a Golden Griffin!