Spring 2015 Golden Griffin Recipients

Susanna Owens - Counseling Center

Core Value: Student Centeredness - February 2015
The week that classes began, Joe navigated with grace, care, and excellence a challenging week for any staff member. He supported the leadership of Beta Theta Pi as they navigated memorializing their brother, Peter Godshall. In addition to serving as a listening ear and wise mentor to members of the fraternity, Joe also traveled to the funeral with students, an example of his dedication to the men. In the midst of that, he continued to bring a high level of care to the execution of the Fraternity Summit which brought over 125 fraternity members, volunteers, and national staff together to forward a fraternity community where member care and support is at the center. Either one of these responsibilities in any one week would have been all consuming. But Joe navigated both seamlessly and with care and attention to support for the students he works with.       

Dana Anderson-Radcliffe, Angela Mason, Yvonne Phelps-Bey, Laura Smith - Residence Life

April 2015
I would like to nominate the entire Residence Life support staff (Dana, Laura, Angela, and Yvonne) for a Golden Griffin.  We are half way through room selection and when we came in this morning (April 15) we found that the Symplicity login for students was down so no one was able to log into the housing system.  With the first room selection time block at 9:00am and the help desk at Symplicity not opening until 9:00 we had no idea what was happening or how to advise students.  As you can imagine our phones started ringing like crazy with stressed students and parents.  When the help desk opened we learned it was a system wide issue so a number of schools had been impacted and they had all hands on deck trying to resolve the problem.  Luckily Dana and I could log into the system and had the ability to login as students so as students called and their time block opened we would login as them and select the room they wanted - that way they got the confirmation emails about what was selected.  Angela, Laura and Yvonne just took calls constantly and patched them to Dana and I as we finished with a group.  It was crazy but as a team we managed to keep room selection moving forward while Symplicity worked on the problem.  Luckily everything got fixed and we were back to normal around 10:30.  It was a true team effort and I can't praise our support staff enough for their efforts and calm approach with students.