Spring 2013 Golden Griffin Recipients

Ben Boone - Dean of Students Office

Core Value: Collaboration - January 2013 On the morning of Sadler Center student staff training, one of our presenters had to cancel. Despite the fact that he was in the middle of transfer student orientation, Ben graciously agreed to fill in for us without hesitation. Within a few hours, he met with Andrea and I to learn more about our students’ needs and our expectations. Ben quickly developed a presentation on diversity that helped our student employees better understand their sphere of influence and encouraged them to promote inclusion and respect at their jobs and across campus. Ben’s collaboration with our office saved our training program and received great feedback from students while catalyzing discussions around diversity and understanding. 

Anita Forrest - Student Leadership Development

Core Value:Student Centeredness - February 2013 Anita spent a huge number of night and weekend hours for two weeks supporting the SA Finance Committee in Budget Hearings and Deliberations. She jumped in eagerly to support this new facet of her role and has done a great job supporting the students in the massive undertaking of student fee allocations.  Get her the Griffin!

David Dafashy- Student Health Center

Core Value: Student Centeredness - February 2013
  It’s easy to say that Dr. Dafashy loves his job.  I am living proof that Dr. Dafashy goes over and beyond in his work as a student physician. Dr. Dafashy ensured that my well-being at William & Mary was a personal priority of his. Knowing that my social adjustment was tough as a transfer student, he encouraged me to make twice-a-month appointments in his office. During these appointments, he would make sure that I was not only physically healthy, but also spiritually, mentally and emotionally. He taught me that it is important to reach out for regular help, even if my personal affairs are in good shape at a given time. Likewise, he taught me to be my own best friend. Even after I have graduated, I still consider him a personal friend!   

Dawn Worsham - Dean of Students Office

Core Value: Student Centeredness
Dawn is the first person visitors see in the Dean of Students office.  She always greets visitors cheerfully and answers questions in a professional and attentive manner. She answers the telephone promptly and treats all callers with respect. Dawn assembles the CAS committee agenda and types the correspondence to the students for the committee results in a timely manner. During stressful and busy times of the semester, Dawn remains calm and addresses each visitor or caller in an individual manner so their needs are met. She manages all of her duties in a very timely and organized manner. Dawn is a true asset.

Sarah Menefee - Health Promotion

Core Value: Collaboration - March 2013
Sarah has led an effort of colleagues to review the campus alcohol policy. What started as a simple and small project morphed into a slightly more significant project the more we dug in. Sarah has done a great job of leading the team of Anne & Rich in this review and has done the lion's share of the work (and organizing the process) to make sure we get our policy updates in on time to Dean Volp!