Fall 2013 Golden Griffin Recipients

Holly Klenk

Department: Career Center
Recipient:  August 2013
Core Value: Student Centeredness - It is my pleasure to nominate Holly Klenk for a Golden Griffin in recognition of her leadership within the Office of Community Engagement's 7 Generations pre-orientation alternative breaks.  Holly facilitated refection, organized education sessions, spent time listening to the students discuss their interests and express concerns. Holly's participation in the 7 Generations program is a wonderful example of how we can collaborate with programs sponsored by other departments within the Division. Not only was the experience personally rewarding for Holly, but also it reinforced her commitment and that of the Division to a 360 model of student development. Engagement of professional staff with students on such critical issues reinforces our community values.

Laura Sullivan-Goodman

Department: Student Leadership Development
Recipient: August 2013
Core Value: Celebration - Laura encourages and supports the students that come to the scheduling office for assistance. In her efforts to support their goals, Laura works together with students by sharing her knowledge of resources available to them. She consistently celebrates their unique talents and interests by engaging them on a level above and beyond what our job requires. She can usually be seen chatting with students while assisting them with their requests. Additionally, Laura brings a great sense of humor to the office which students enjoy (as well as this nominator). I believe our work environment within the division of student affairs, and the learning community of our students is enhanced by Laura's spirit of celebration.

Elizabeth Youngberg

Department: Dean of Students
Recipient: September 2013
Core Value:
Professional Excellence - Elizabeth exhibits a high level of professional excellence in all the work she does. Elizabeth stepped forward during a time of transition when the Dean of Students office was short 2 professionals and offered to take on some of the responsibilities of those absent. She has managed this while attending classes full-time, working days in the Dean of Students office, and supervising evenings and weekends at the Tribe TutorZone.  Elizabeth has contributed in numerous ways, including meeting with students, presenting workshops, planning customized programs for student organizations, supervising the tutor program—even assisting the disability program with set up and testing of specialized equipment. Elizabeth brings an “I can do it” attitude and a big smile to work with her every day. We are very grateful for all of her contributions! 

Jodi Fisler

Department: Vice President's Office
Recipient: September 2013
Core Value: Collaboration -  Jodi is the instructor of record for the Women in Leadership course, the new for-credit version of the Women's Leadership Program which began in September. Throughout the extensive planning of the course - including a lengthy process for her to become appointed within the Gender Sexuality and Women's Studies Department - Jodi has brought her wisdom, openness, intellectual ability, patience, and flexibility to the process. Jodi comes to every planning meeting prepared to listen and learn from different perspectives (and working styles!) but always tactfully addresses her own ideas and concerns related to the course. The strength of the new course is due significantly to Jodi's collaboration, as well as her work with other offices and faculty members to create a course which reflects multiple perspectives on women's leadership.  

Dave Gilbert

Department: Dean of Students
Recipient: November 2013
Dave is having a big semester and doing it all at a level that is Golden Griffin worthy. In addition to entertaining us at our last Division Meeting with an excellent presentation he's teaching a class in the SOE, serving in an interim capacity in disability services, and on-boarding a new staff member. We've also experienced a SIGNIFICANT increase in anonymous reports of hazing this semester and Dave has navigated these reports with great care and attention to supporting students and student educational outcomes. We are lucky to have such a diligent and gifted colleague in our midst.