Spring 2012 Golden Griffin Recipients

Ashleigh Heck

Cohen Career Center
Core Value: Student Centeredness - Recipient: January 2012

Ashleigh always has creative ideas and is passionate about her work. She is a strong team player, and very effective at whatever she undertakes.  She continues to do an amazing job with increasing the awareness and programming related to the First and Second Year Initiatives. She has provided a multitude of opportunities for students to get connected to the Career Center through programs, COMPASS and MACE Programming.  Ashleigh is a great role model of how to be professional, with personality! She champions the 1st and 2nd Years tirelessly and with a spirit of celebration.   She thrives in her position! 

Elizabeth Miller

Office of Community Engagement and Scholarship
Core Value: Professional Excellence - Recipient: January 2012

Elizabeth was instrumental in planning and implementing opportunities for the staff to engage the community in a meaningful way at January’s Renewal Day.  She not only coordinated the service projects and assignments, but she also organized drivers and small-group facilitators, prepared handouts for the staff about the organizations they would be assisting, delivered a presentation on the Educate-Act-Reflect model of service, and facilitated reflection both before and after the service activities. She did a fantastic job, especially considering that, as a VISTA, she is only in her first year as a full-time professional. She took a highly complex (and potentially overwhelming) assignment and handled it with impressive skill, sensitivity, and professional maturity.

Terry Fassanella

Department: Residence Life
Core Value: Professional Excellence - Recipient: February 2012

Terry has had two suicides in his residential area in two years. With Troy's death, the residents in Terry's area have had strong emotional reactions which has taken considerable time and energy. For a part of this journey, Terry was away at a conference. Terry found a way to be supportive of his staff and residents while away and has balanced the needs of the students in his area with his other professional responsibilities (a particularly busy time for Area Directors in Residence Life).  Terry's ability to balance this while being away has been remarkable.

Greg Henderson

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Core Value: Collaboration - Recipient: March 2012


Greg has done an AMAZING JOB of supporting and navigating the GA hiring process working with all the different colleagues in Student Affairs and the Higher Education Program in the SOE (especially in a year where there were a lot of changes and a lot of feedback about those changes). Greg has managed relationships, people, the process, and the opportunity to work collaboratively in a way that really showcases his extraordinary skills as an outstanding colleague.