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Strategic Plan 2022 - 2027

Our Mission, Vision, and Goals

Our vision in student affairs is to create an engaging learning environment where community is strengthened and individuals flourish. That critical dual focus - on the community and the individual student - defines our approach across the division. We are deeply committed to our students - to their personal growth and development, to their learning, and to their crafting lives of meaning and distinction. 

Reflecting the expertise of our professional staff as well as input from members of the W&M community and our many stakeholders, the Student Affairs 2022-2027 Strategic Plan is designed to address the needs of our students and to empower those who live, learn, and work here to flourish. 

Our division consists of four broad, interdependent thematic areas - Campus Living, Health & Wellness, Student Engagement & Leadership, and Student Success. I am particularly grateful for the breadth and depth of talent my colleagues bring to their work every day. Accomplishing our strategic plan goals will have a powerful impact on the student experience at W&M. Together with our Students we will move forward to meet the most pressing needs of our time. 

Ginger Ambler '88, PhD '06 

Vice President for Student Affairs


Creating an engaging learning environment where community is strengthened and individuals flourish. 


Through student-centered programs, policies, and services, the Division of Student Affairs supports the academic enterprise and our students by preparing them to learn, engage, and grow with integrity, wellness, and purpose. 


 We create a welcoming and caring community that embraces diverse people and perspectives.


 We foster an open academic environment that champions intellectual agility and inspires creativity in the discovery, preservation, application, and advancement of knowledge.


We aim for the extraordinary, recognizing that personal growth and meaningful accomplishment require bold and innovative aspirations, courageous risk-taking, and focused effort. 


We create conditions that ensure William & Mary will thrive for all time coming, and we empower those who live, learn, and work here to make choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. 


We are honorable, equitable, trustworthy, and committed to the highest ethical standards in all that we do. 


We treat one another with mutual respect recognizing and upholding each person's inherent dignity and worth. 


We engage with individuals and communities both near and far devoting our knowledge, skills, and time to serving the greater good. 

Goal One: Belonging 

We will cultivate a welcoming, affirming environment where all members feel connected within the university community, embrace diverse people and perspectives, and express their authentic selves.

  • Objective A: 
    • Develop authentic connections between and amongst students, Student Affairs staff, and other members of the university community 
  • Objective B: 
    • Create environments where all members can freely develop and thrive
  • Objective C: 
    • Support the lifelong practice of cultural humility
Goal Two: Communication 

We will plan and execute clear communication that advances our mission and educates, informs, and inspires the W&M community. 

  • Objective A: 
    • Effectively communicate information across the division, university, and community through increased collaboration and technology integration 
  • Objective B: 
    • Ensure all communication reflects our ethic of care with sensitivity to impact 
  • Objective C: 
    • Increase the understanding of the work in Student Affairs 
Goal Three: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice 

We will counteract inequality and injustice thereby affirming the inherent dignity and wellbeing of all in our community. 

  • Objective A:
    • Take an equity centered approach to openly address the impacts of power and privilege on individuals and communities at William & Mary 
  • Objective B: 
    • Integrate restorative practices into our work
  • Objective C: 
    • Create a community where uncomfortable meaningful dialogue is valued and practiced
Goal Four: Engagement 

We will advance experiential and applied learning opportunities that promote whole-person development 

  • Objective A: 
    • Amplify and enhance student leadership outcomes 
  • Objective B:
    • Leverage campus engagement experiences for whole-person development 
  • Objective C: 
    • Implement credentialing opportunities for co-curricular development 
  • Objective D: 
    • Create opportunities for students to learn and practice the skills of democracy and civic engagement
Goal Five: Resources 

We will identify data-informed needs and cultivate opportunities and partnerships to pursue the resources necessary to accomplish our mission. 

  • Objective A:
    • Assess and evaluate departmental budget and programmatic goals to identify critical needs 
  • Objective B:
    • Develop support based upon each departments budget and fundraising goals 
  • Objective C: 
    • Boldly embrace the story of the impact Student Affairs has across campus to advance funding 
  • Objective D: 
    • Recruit and retain diverse and talented staff as our most valuable resource
Goal Six: Wellbeing 

We will Create a healthy environment that empowers those who live, learn, and work here to flourish. 

  • Objective A: 
    • Reinforce the paradigm of integrative wellness at the individual and community levels 
  • Objective B: 
    • Develop relevant and inclusive wellness programs that meet the pressing needs of our students 
  • Objective C: 
    • Support a work culture that prioritizes wellbeing