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Student Affairs Committees

Standing Committees & Task Forces

Assessment Committee

The Student Affairs Assessment Committee helps to oversee and coordinate assessment activities within departments and committees, and across the division.  Members serve as consultants for division staff members on assessment planning; coordinate and/or conduct assessments of importance to the Division of Student Affairs and the campus as a whole; and assist in interpreting and sharing results/data with staff and other campus constituents, as appropriate.

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Care Team (by appointment only)

The Care Team is an interdepartmental committee coordinated by the Dean of Students Office.  Its charge is to assess situations and develop comprehensive, interdepartmental response plans for students of concern.  The committee develops a coordinated plan of action to manage the situation and/or student, promote community safety, respect individual rights, and preserve the campus environment.  The committee works cooperatively with the Campus Assessment and Intervention Team (CAIT) and other departments, as appropriate.

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Diversity Committee

The Student Affairs Diversity Committee identifies and recommends strategies and programs to address issues of diversity in the William & Mary community, including especially issues of race and ethnicity. Specifically, the committee will: organize at least one program per year for division professional staff relevant to diverse populations; oversee the creation and implementation process of departmental diversity plans to be turned in to the Vice President for Student Affairs; share knowledge of current trends and issues related to diversity among committee members and division staff.

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Graduate Student Experience Committee

Student Affairs is committed to evaluate and enhance the overall educational experience for graduate students. The Graduate Student Experience Committee is charged to: develop a broad understanding of the graduate student experience at William & Mary through focus groups and assessment; plan for division-wide orientation, training, evaluation, and professional development of graduate assistants; partner with the School of Education in the recruitment and placement of graduate students in student affairs assistantships.

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Hazing Prevention Coalition

The Hazing Prevention Coalition will work to empower the W&M community to prevent hazing. It will work to help the community recognize hazing, understand its implications, develop intolerance for hazing activities, and act/report when hazing occurs. In addition, the Coalition will work to provide resources to support safer, healthier means of member acclimation and integration.  This committee requires a time commitment of approximately 2-4 hours every two weeks.

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Healthy Campus Coalition

Healthy Campus is a framework to support campuses in improving the health of their community.  The tenants of the framework are to create a network of people working toward a common vision of wellness, to prioritize the health needs of our community, to develop a plan with strategies and action steps, and to track progress.  The structure of the committee allows for subgroups to work on specific initiatives as well as for the members of the group to share information about wellness initiatives, trends, and events on campus.  The committee subgroups will be working towards promoting the coalition as well as exploring the intersectionality of specific health topics. Also, the coalition will be offering mini grants to the university community to expand the reach of our work.  While the core of the Coalition will be comprised of Student Affairs professionals, we hope to build a larger network of stakeholders that include students, faculty and staff.

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Medical Review Committee (by appointment only)

The Medical Review Committee is a subcommittee of the Committee on Academic Status.  The MRC, which includes medical and mental health providers, reviews petitions by students who, for medical reasons, seek accommodation or exemption from university policies related to enrollment status, housing and meal plan contracts, and/or disability.  

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Staff Development & Recognition Committee

The Staff Development & Recognition Committee will promote best practices to train, develop, and recognize staff at all levels of the Division of Student Affairs, including professional staff, support staff, and graduate students. Specifically, the committee will: compile a running list of professional development opportunities and recognize staff participation by way of prizes and awards; promote collegiality through activities such as division-wide social functions, welcoming events, and informal networking opportunities; select the monthly Golden Griffin recipients; administer special grants for professional development and growth.

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