Calandra Waters Lake

Calandra Waters Lake

Director of Sustainability

Office: Bridges House 202
Email: [[waterslake]]
Phone: (757) 221-1605


Calandra is responsible for promoting the sustainability goals of the university, exploring fundraising opportunities and coordinating sustainability activities across campus between students, faculty, staff and the local community. She also organizes and monitors distribution of the Green Fees, a fund all students contribute toward that supports grants awarded each semester to student, faculty and staff sustainability projects.

Calandra holds a Bachelor of Science in natural resources from Virginia Polytechnic Institute as well as a Master of Arts in education from William & Mary, which she received in 2008.

She was an intern at Aprovecho in Cottage Grove, Oregon, a sustainability community dedicated to organic gardening, sustainable forestry and appropriate technology, as well as designing and disseminating efficient wood stoves for less-developed economies. Calandra taught Environmental Science and Earth Science at Grafton High School, in York County for six years while working closely with William & Mary's Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) through its GK-12 PERFECT Program. The program brings current science into high school classrooms through graduate students who, in turn, learn valuable public translation skills.

In addition to her connections to VIMS through her husband's post-doc position, she volunteered with the Committee on Sustainability extensively for two years, being most active in the Programs & Education Subcommittee projects and working directly with the EcoAmbassador program.

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