Private Fundraising

Investment success is mirrored when we look at private fundraising. William & Mary continues to exceed expectations in its engagement and philanthropy efforts as the university seeks to increase scholarships support, advance teaching and athletics excellence and build on its tradition of educating leaders. As President Reveley previously mentioned, William & Mary has raised more than $738 million since the start of the For the Bold campaign, and doubled down on its engagement and participation goals, which are all interconnected and creating great impact across the board.

Sharing the Light: 2017 Highlights

It has been a remarkable fundraising year for William & Mary. The university continues its strong trek forward with two and a half years remaining until For the Bold concludes. As momentum builds to reach all three campaign goals — strengthened alumni engagement, 40 percent alumni participation and $1 billion — we always keep at top of mind our overarching mission of advancing academic and athletics excellence and creating an environment in which opportunities and enriching experiences are available for all of our exceptional people. Read more and see highlights.

For the Bold: By the Numbers

Since the beginning of the campaign on July 1, 2011, private support has made the following possible:

  • 350 scholarships have been created.
  • 17 athletics positions have been fully or partially funded with private support,
    including 9 new endowments for coaches.
  • 24 funds for professorships have been established.
  • 60 new pieces of science equipment for innovative research have been purchased.
  • 12-to-1 student/faculty ratio has been maintained, despite funding pressures.