Faculty Salaries

Peer Group & Ranking

W&M Faculty Salaries are below the 30th percentile of our SCHEV peer group. The state goal is the 60th percentile.

W&M Faculty Salaries, SCHEV Peer Group

Peer Schools

As defined by the State Council for Higher Education in Virginia - SCHEV, 2007

Boston College  
Boston University  
Brandeis University  
Brown University  
Clemson University  
Dartmouth College  
Emory University  
Georgetown University  
Marquette University  
Rutgers University-New Brunswick/Piscataway  
SUNY at Binghamton  
Syracuse University  
Tufts University  
University of California-Irvine  
University of California-Santa Barbara  
University of Connecticut  
University of Delaware  
University of Georgia  
University of New Hampshire-Main Campus   
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  
University of Notre Dame  
Vanderbilt University  
Wake Forest University  
Washington University in St Louis  
Yeshiva University