Faculty Awards

Alumni Fellowship Awards, 2016-17

Christopher A. Freiman, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
John T. Lombardini, Assistant Professor of Government
Pieter Peers, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Kristin L. Wustholz, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Tara L. Grove, Associate Professor of Law

Class of 2017 Professor

Joshua Erlich, Department of Physics

Class of 2018 Professor

Julie R. Agnew, School of Business

Class of 2019 Professor

Brian S. Kreydatus, Associate Professor of Printmaking and Life Drawing

Thomas A. Graves, Jr. Award for Teaching Excellence, 2016-17

Philip H. Daileader, James Pinckney Harrison Associate Professor of History
John E. Graves, Chancellor of Professor of Marine Science

Thomas Jefferson Award, 2016-17

Leisa D. Meyer, Professor of History, American Studies, and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

Thomas Jefferson Teaching Award, 2016-17

Jeremy W. Pope, Assistant Professor of History

Plumeri Awards, 2016-17

Mark J. Brush, Associate Professor of Marine Science
Joshua A. Burk, Associate Professor of Psychology
Lynda L. Butler, Chancellor Professor of Law
Bruce Campbell, Class of 1964 Term Associate Professor of History and European Studies (German)
Nancy Combs, Ernest W. Goodrich Professor of Law
Timothy Costelloe, Professor of Philosophy
Melanie Dawson, Associate Professor of English
Michael DiPaola, Chancellor Professor of Education
Will Hausman, Chancellor Professor and Chair, Department of Economics
John M. Hoenig, Professor of Marine Science
Darian M. Ibrahim, Professor of Law
Hiroshi Kitamura, Associate Professor of History
Teresa V. Longo, Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies
Nathan B. Oman, Tazewell Taylor Research Professor of Law
Kostas Orginos, Associate Professor of Physics
Charles Palermo, Associate Professor of Art History
Denys Poshyvanyk, Associate Professor of Computer Science
Ronald Schechter, Associate Professor of History
Jonathan R. Scheerer, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Talbot J. Taylor, Louise G.T. Cooley Professor of English and Director of Linguistics Program

University Professors for Teaching Excellence 2015-16

Vladimir Bolotnikov, Department of Mathematics
Amy C. Oakes, Department of Government
Jennifer L. Putzi, Department of English and Women’s Studies Program

W&M Cabell Fellow, 2016-17

Michael Luchs, Associate Professor of Business