Faculty Awards

Alumni Fellowship Awards, 2015-16

Eric Han, Department of History
Neil Norman, Department of Anthropology
Jonathan Scheerer, Department of Chemistry
Maria Swetnam-Burland, Department of Classical Studies
Jeremy Stoddard, School of Education

Class of 2015 Professor

Francis Tanglao-Aguas, Department of Theatre, Speech and Dance

Class of 2016 Professor

Laura W. Ekstrom, Department of Philosophy

Class of 2017 Professor

Joshua Erlich, Department of Physics

Class of 2018 Professor

Julie R. Agnew, School of Business

Thomas A. Graves, Jr. Award for Teaching Excellence, 2015-16

Jonathan F. Arries, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
William T. Geary, Mason School of Business

Thomas Jefferson Award, 2015-16

David P. Aday, Jr., Department of Sociology

Thomas Jefferson Teaching Award, 2015-16

John D. Riofrio, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

Plumeri Awards, 2015-16

Jeffrey Bellin, School of Law
Fred Corney, Department of History
Evan Criddle, School of Law
Adam Gershowitz, School of Law
Cindy Hahamovitch, Department of History
Brennan Harris, Department of Kinesiology
Robert Hinkle, Department of Chemistry
Kathleen Jenkins, Department of Sociology
Simon Joyce, Department of English
Allison Larsen, School of Law
Rowan Lockwood, Department of Geology
Jack Martin, Department of English
Lily Panoussi, Department of Classical Studies
Jeffrey Shields, School of Marine Science
Megan Tschannen-Moran, School of Education
C. Ryan Vinroot, Department of Mathematics
Harry Wang, School of Marine Science
Kim Wheatley, Department of English
Gexin Yu, Department of Mathematics
Gang Zhou, Department of Computer Science

University Professors for Teaching Excellence 2015-16

Vladimir Bolotnikov, Department of Mathematics
Amy C. Oakes, Department of Government
Jennifer L. Putzi, Department of English and Women’s Studies Program

W&M Cabell Fellow, 2015-16

Denise A. Jones, Mason School of Business