Diversity Committee

This Committee advises the President and provides campus leadership on diversity issues facing the College.  These include issues related to the recruitment and retention of a diverse faculty, staff and student population; the quality of the college and university population; the quality of the college and university environment for diverse populations; and the appropriateness of the curriculum in providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills to function as global citizens.  In addition, the Committee is charged with making tangible recommendations for enhancing diversity and creating an inclusive and hospitable college community.

  • Committee is appointed
  • Advisory:  President
  • Term:  3 years (faculty), 1 year (students)
  • Co-Chairs:  President and Assistant to the President for Diversity and Community Initiatives
Membership (2014-15)

Taylor Reveley, Co-Chair
Chon Glover, Co-Chair
*Sharon DeFur
*Destiny Elliott
*Erin Hendrickson
Vernon Hurte
Tom Linneman
Anna Martin
*Marilyn Midyette
*Todd Mooradian
Joel Schwartz
Linda Schaffner
*Diane Shakes
*Adamsu Shiferaw
Jason Simms
Francis Tanglao-Aguas
*Bonnie Winston
Eva Wong
Barbara Watson, Community Representative
*Randy Tripp, Alumni Representative
*Elizabeth Keppel, Alumni Representative
Sharron Gatling, Ex Officio

Hannah Kohn

*indicates new member