Dining Services Advisory Committee

(Formerly Food Services Advisory Committee)

The Dining Services Advisory Committee advises the Vice President for Administration and Director of Auxiliary Services on matters related to the dining services operation of the university. The Committee provides feedback on current operations; makes recommendations for new food services programs, options and menus; endorses plans for new and renovated dining facilities; addresses issues of sustainability; and reviews proposed changes to policies, procedures and rules. The Committee is to be a channel for educating faculty, staff and students about issues ad processes related to the dining services operations, for seeking input on the issues and processes, and reporting back to the Committee on related matters. The Committee members are appointed and consist of faculty, staff and students.

  • Committee is appointed
  • Term:  3 years (faculty), 1 year (students)
  • Advisory:  Auxiliary Services
  • Chair:  Elected by Committee

Deb Boykin
Cindy Glavas
John Byxbe
Steve Tewksbury
Bob Knowlton
Liz Jackson

*Chara Hoch
*Mitchell Hoem
Michele Ricciardi
*Melanie Vargas
*Kenya Allen
Sarah Boegner
*Emmaleah Jones
*Hailey Sabol
*Melody Fan
*Muhan Guo
*Steven Simon
*Lauren Bridges

*indicates new member