Career Development Committee

The Career Development Committee consists of faculty members from a cross-section of Arts & Sciences, the Mason School of Business, the School of Education, the School of Marine Science and the Law School. The committee provides input and guidance to the Cohen Career Center on a wide range of issues, including strategic program development, communications strategies, internships and internship development, and employer relations and recruitment.

  • Committee is appointed by the Provost
  • Term: 2 years (may be reappointed)
Membership (2017-18)
*Kathleen Powell, Chair
*Larry Evans
*Paul Heideman
Sibel-Zandi Sayek
*Joshua Burk
*Melanie Dawson
*Bill Stauffer
*Wouter Deconinck
*Spencer Niles
*Stephen Sechrist
*Matt Haug
*Claire Rosenfeld
*Jason Simms
*Peel Hawthorne
*Rachel Stephens
Clay Clemens

*Alison Scott 

*indicates new member