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Suggest Potential Questions

If you have a timely question that would further your work, please submit it to [[wmandyou]] and the Climate Group will review and discuss it for potential distribution. When submitting a question, please bear in mind the following guidance:
  • The purpose of W&M&You is to gauge community perspectives, feelings, and desires in order help inform the decision-making process and lead to thoughtful actions.  Think in terms of gleaning insights from the question you are considering.
  • W&M&You contacts the aggregated, anonymous subset of students, faculty, or staff who have registered to participate; at this time it cannot be used to target particular categories of students or employees (e.g. undergrad vs. grad, operational vs. professional). Being able to target more specific audiences is a future goal.
  • The question must be short and should be viewed as a quick text that can be easily understood; the W&M&You polling tool imposes a 160 character limit on all outgoing messages
  • The response rate is higher with closed-ended questions (yes/no, multiple choice, etc) than open-ended.

W&M&You is designed to text specific survey questions to registered users and then collect and tabulate responses. It is not intended to serve as a general communication channel to respond to questions received from across the university. If you have questions of this nature, you can submit other comments and questions related to COVID-19 via electronic form or the COVID-19 response line, contact University News & Media, or access other reporting options.