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Climate Working Group, Reports & News

A working group was assembled to develop the W&M&You polling system, draft poll questions, and share the feedback generated. The group includes representation from:

  • Student Assembly: John Cho (2023), Chief of Staff
  • Professionals & Professional Faculty Assembly: Melissa Marshall Pettigrew, IT Technology Team Strategist
  • Staff Assembly: Sonya Worden, Senior Advancement Coordinator, Regional & International Advancement
  • Student Affairs: Anna Mroch, Director of Student Affairs Planning & Assessment
  • Communications: Pete Clawson, Associate Athletics Director for Media Relations & Strategic Communications 
  • Provost’s Office: Martha Wescoat-Andes, Senior Associate Provost for Planning & New Ventures

Information Technology project development and support is provided by Patty Herrera, Applications Administration Manager, and Louis Hubert, Applications Administrator

Climate Working Group Reports

W&M&You is designed to text specific survey questions to registered users and then collect and tabulate responses. It is not intended to serve as a general communication channel to respond to questions received from across the university. If you have questions of this nature, you can submit other comments and questions related to COVID-19 via electronic form or the COVID-19 response line, contact University News & Media, or access other reporting options.

If you have a survey question you would like the Climate Working Group to review for potential distribution through W&M&You, please consult the question suggestion guidelines.