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Piero Mazzini

Assistant Professor of Marine Science


Piero Mazzini, Assistant Professor of Marine Science, received his Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography from Oregon State University. He previously was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth and Climate Sciences and with the Estuary & Ocean Science Center at San Francisco State University.  Professor Mazzini is a coastal physical oceanographer, and his research focuses on understanding how the coastal ocean responds to freshwater input from rivers, winds, waves, tides, and the exchange processes among estuaries, continental shelf, and the deep ocean. His interests go beyond the realms of physical oceanography, and include also the role that ocean currents play in the transport and fate of sediments, oxygen, nutrients, dispersion of pollutants, and how they impact water quality and the health of marine ecosystem. He utilizes a combination of different technologies and tools to study the coastal ocean, such as moorings, shipboard surveys, satellite remote sensing, numerical modeling and others.