Gladys Krause

Assistant Professor of Math Education and ESL/Bilingual Education


Gladys Krause, Assistant Professor of Math Education and ESL/Bilingual Education, earned her Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from The University of Texas at Austin and M.A. in Economics from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, Colombia. She was formerly a Clinical Assistant Professor at UT Austin.  Her research interests include how children think about fractions and how this thinking develops; how teachers can understand and probe students’ understanding of fractions; and how to support both beginning and experienced teachers alike in developing expertise in responsive teaching. Her teaching interests include elementary mathematics methods with a focus on making mathematical content relevant to the linguistically and culturally diverse population of students in elementary classrooms. “My research builds on the growing body of work studying Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI). CGI strives to couple understanding of children’s mathematical thinking with teaching moves that capitalize on their thinking. Responsive Teaching in Elementary Mathematics, a research collaboration in which I participated as a postdoctoral researcher, in fact extends research on CGI to the domain of fractions. Since my work focuses on the practice of teaching, it has a natural home in the classroom in the context of preparing future mathematics educators. I will be working together with Dr. Barko-Alva to support her efforts in the dual language program in the community. Together we will be working to develop a robust elementary mathematics curriculum that is responsive to bilingual students’ mathematical ideas.”