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Please complete this form as part of any invitation for the president-elect to speak at or attend an event.

Your request will be sent to Cheryl Corvello in the Transition Office. If you have any questions, or need assistance, [[cccorv, email Cheryl]] or call (757) 221-1711.
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The times requested for the president-elect's participation should be as exact as possible, as she is often committed to multiple events in a series. If the event schedule should change, it is your responsibility to email Cheryl Corvello at [[cccorv]] or call (757) 221-1711 immediately to determine if the change can be accommodated.
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Background for Remarks Due: 7 days prior to event; Biographical Information Due: 5 days prior to event; Order of Program Due: 5 days prior to event; List of Attendees Due: 2 days prior to event; Table Seating/Bios Due: 2 days prior to event. If your request is confirmed, please submit this information separately to Cheryl Corvello at [[cccorv]].
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