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Please complete this form as part of any invitation for the president to speak at or attend an event.

Your request will be sent to Pamela in the President's Office. If you have any questions, or need assistance, [[pwcarroll, email Pamela]] or call (757) 221-6446.
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The times requested for the president's participation should be as exact as possible, as she is often committed to multiple events in a series. If the event schedule should change, it is your responsibility to email Cindy Brauer at [[cabra1]] or call (757) 221-7892 immediately to determine if the change can be accommodated.
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Background for President's Remarks Due: 7 days prior to event; Biographical Information Due: 5 days prior to event; Order of Program Due: 5 days prior to event; List of Attendees Due: 2 days prior to event; Table Seating/Bios Due: 2 days prior to event. If your request is confirmed, please submit this information separately to Cindy Brauer at [[cabra1]].
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