Presidential Reflections

President Katherine A. Rowe regularly communicates with the William & Mary community, including her "From the Brafferton" column in the W&M Alumni Magazine and in messages to the entire community following quarterly Board of Visitors meetings.

White Paper Word Cloud
Setting the pace in strategic planning

Three subcommittees of the SPSC have completed environmental scans in key mission areas: teaching & learning, research & innovation, flourishing & engagement.

Ampersand Wall
Unlimited &

The "&" in "William & Mary" symbolizes our range and our insistence that where others see contradiction, we find strength.

Vision, Mission, Values
Defining vision, mission, values

During the first phase of strategic planning at William & Mary, that spirit of experimentation animated the drafting process we used to create a clear and concise statement of the university's vision, mission and values.

Faculty and student in a lab
The Long Game

By playing "the long game," I mean investing strategically in things that accumulate value over time.

W&M Sign
Kindliest Change

The concept of "kindly change" is an important idea for the Renaissance culture in which William & Mary was founded.

Thinking Forward
Moving Forward Together

Thinking Forward conversations focused on three core mission areas: knowledge, work and service.

Virginia Shakespeare Festival
The Magic of W&M

Higher education faces many constraints; public institutions have a track record of responding with resourcefulness and creativity.