20th Century Presidents

Julian Chandler Dr. Julian Alvin Carroll Chandler

Graduate of William & Mary and Johns Hopkins University. Educator, textbook author, and college administrator; professor of English and history; superintendent of Richmond public schools.

John Bryan John Stewart Bryan
Graduate of the University of Virginia and Harvard. Lawyer, member of William & Mary Board of Visitors; publisher of Richmond Times-Dispatch and Richmond News Leader; president of the American Newspaper Publishers Association.
John Pomfret Dr. John Edwin Pomfret

Graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. Historian, author, professor of history, and college dean; director of the Huntington Library and Art Gallery at San Marino, California.

Alvin Chandler Alvin Duke Chandler

Educated at William & Mary and the United States Naval Academy. Military officer and educator.

Davis Paschall Dr. Davis Young Paschall

Graduate of William & Mary, with advanced degrees from W&M and the University of Virginia. Educator, administrator, and author; state superintendent of public instruction

Thomas Graves Dr. Thomas Ashley Graves, Jr.

Came to William & Mary from Harvard University, where he served as associate dean of the School of Business Administration.

Paul Verkuil Paul Robert Verkuil

Came to William & Mary after serving as the dean of the law school at Tulane University.

Timothy Sullivan Timothy J. Sullivan

Graduated from William & Mary in 1966 and served the institution as professor of law and dean of the W&M Law School.