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Confrontational Situations

Preventative means to avoid confrontations:
  • Encouraging bystanders to say something when they see someone behaving in a way that isn't congruent with our community of trust
  • Learning how to engage in healthy relationships and recognize early warning signs of abuse in relationships
  • Getting regular wellness checks at the doctor to promote physical and mental health
  • Learning how to find balance in your life and creating living and working environments that are healthy and free from violence
  • Learning strategies to lower your risk for unwanted outcomes when choosing to drink alcohol
  • Seeking help if you are worried about someone or seeking help for yourself if you are having any sort of difficulty
  • Creating an environment where people feel comfortable asking for help and supported when they do
Be aware:
  • Of your surroundings, exits and residence/office/class escape routines
  • Of your co-workers, friends, students, peers
  • Of the types of violence, of the warning signs and of the resources available
  • Of the laws, regulations, policies, of what is a workplace violence issue and what is not
  • Of how you report a threat or concerning behaviors
  • Of how you refer an employee or student for help

Remember - naturally occurring or spontaneous events may be triggers for confrontations

If you or someone you know is being threatened by a confrontational person and are in fear of your safety or well-being, you can contact the William & Mary Police Department to report the threatening behavior.  William & Mary Police Department: (757) 221-4596

How to respond to a violent person:
  • Get to a secure location as soon as possible
  • Notify the Police
  • Provide all the information available to you
  • Do not try to be the mediator!
  • Remain calm