Executive Committee

Todd A. Stottlemyer, Rector
H. Thomas Watkins III, Vice Rector
Sue H. Gerdelman, Secretary
Thomas R. Frantz
William H. Payne II
Lisa E. Roday
Karen Kennedy Schultz

Michael J. Fox, Secretary to the Board

The Executive Committee consists of:  (1) the Rector, who serves as chair; (2) the Vice Rector; (3) the Secretary of the Board; (4) the chair of the Committee on Financial Affairs; and (5) three members of the Board at large appointed by the Rector. Except as provided otherwise by law or these Bylaws, the Executive Committee exercises the powers and transacts the business of the Board of Visitors between meetings of the full Board as needed. All members of the Board will be informed promptly of any action taken. The Executive Committee organizes the working processes of the Board and recommends best practices for Board governance, consistent with relevant provisions of Title 23, Chapter 1, § 23-2.04., of the Code of Virginia. The Board-appointed Secretary to the Board staffs the Committee.