Statements of Support

Statements of support for the William & Mary Promise from leaders on and off campus:

Robert M. Gates '65, Chancellor

Robert M. Gates '65“With the steep decline in public funding for higher education over the last generation, and the uncertainly of such funding in the future, it is time for bold and creative ideas to provide the kind of resources needed to sustain great institutions like William & Mary, while also improving affordability for students with financial need and predictability about tuition amounts for everyone. I am fully supportive of what is proposed and believe it places the College on much more solid footing for the future.”

Todd Stottlemyer '85, Rector

Todd Stottlemyer“This is an innovative plan to preserve and strengthen the university’s long-term excellence. In the face of growing competitive pressures and limited public funding, William & Mary will become more self-sufficient so it can continue to offer an outstanding educational experience as one of the leading institutions of higher education in the Commonwealth and nation. Because of William & Mary’s strong position in the higher education marketplace, the College is able to implement a financial model that simultaneously lays a firm foundation for its future as a leading American university and enhances affordability for middle-income students from Virginia.”

Taylor Reveley, President

Taylor Reveley“William & Mary is a treasure for the Commonwealth and the country. It is one of the greatest liberal arts universities in the world, rare for its genuine commitment to both research and teaching and for its abiding emphasis on undergraduate education of compelling quality. To sustain this treasure and enable it to move forward in this century, we must take action on many fronts. Those of us on campus must keep seeking ways to provide superior results at less cost. Our alumni and friends must help sustain William & Mary with increasing generosity through annual giving, endowment gifts, and funds for bricks and mortar. Our students and their families must help support more of the cost of the ‘hands on’ education that is the glory of the College. At the same time, we must become more affordable for Virginia low- and middle-income families and reduce student loan debt. With all of us doing our parts, William & Mary can continue to contribute magnificently to the Commonwealth and nation. Our new operating model is a vital step to that end.”

Paul Verkuil '61, President 1985-1992

Paul Verkuil“As an alumnus and President Emeritus, I continue to be involved in the success of my alma mater. It is good to know that under Taylor Reveley and Jeff Trammell’s leadership, the Board of Visitors is facing the financial challenges confronting public universities. Their collective efforts have produced a creative, workable and laudable plan. It is imperative to expand access to financially strapped students, while at the same time ensuring our fine faculty is properly compensated. I am sure this plan will also inspire the faculty to rededicate its invaluable services to this broad effort.”

Timothy J. Sullivan '66, President 1992-2005

Timothy Sullivan '66I am an enthusiastic advocate of the William & Mary Promise. I commend the Board of Visitors and President Reveley for their vision and for their courage. The leadership of the Commonwealth has abdicated its responsibility for adequate support of public higher education in Virginia. If we are to protect the College in this event, we must be sure that William & Mary is not a victim of a failed system of public support.

Jeffrey B. Trammell '73, Rector 2011-2013

Jeffrey B. TrammellOur new operating model includes the promise that William & Mary is committed to providing the best undergraduate liberal arts education of any public university and securing a future worthy of our past. The William & Mary Promise is a visionary plan that increases affordability for  lower- and middle-income Virginia families. It enables more Virginians to be educated at the College. It allows us to retain and recruit the very best faculty and staff. And it provides an innovative, predictable tuition model for in-state students. The reinvention of our operating model allows us to enhance and sustain William & Mary's national preeminence and promises that the fourth century will be the best yet for our 320-year-old institution.

Henry C. Wolf '64, J.D. '66, Rector 2009-2011

Henry C. WolfI’ve been involved with William & Mary since I first set foot on campus as a freshman more than 50 years ago. Much has changed in that time, but the extraordinary quality of a William & Mary education has not. The William & Mary Promise provides a firm foundation to ensure that excellence remains the hallmark of a William & Mary education for years to come with more predictable costs for students and their parents and the opportunity to earn a degree that will have lasting value.

Michael K. Powell '85, Rector 2006-2009

Michael PowellAs a proud alumnus and former rector of William & Mary, I understand the College’s commitments to students, alumni, faculty and staff as well as the Commonwealth of Virginia. The William & Mary Promise delivers on all fronts and ensures the College will remain a thriving institution for years to come.

Susan Aheron Magill '72, Rector 2003-2006

Susan Magill“This new business model meets in a very responsible way the desire of more Virginia students to attend the College of William & Mary. I know that’s been a really important issue for many Virginia families as well as the General Assembly. Over time, an additional 300 Virginia students will be enrolled—that’s an eight percent increase. What will not change of course is the remarkable William & Mary education that these students will receive.”

Curt Mills '13, Former Student Assembly President

Curt MillsThe broad strokes of the William & Mary Promise are excellent and help to sustain the College moving forward. Having a guaranteed tuition rate is a great feature of the plan to provide predictability for incoming in-state students. This is a big day for William & Mary.

Will Hausman '71, Chancellor Professor of Economics & Former Board Faculty Representative

Will Hausman“The 'Promise' is a very positive development for the College, its future and past students, the faculty, and staff. Within the constraints under which we must operate to hire and retain the best faculty, we look forward to discovering, adapting, and adopting new and improved ways of delivering the top-quality education William & Mary students have come to expect.”

Kate Slevin, Former Vice Provost for Academic Affairs & Chancellor Professor of Sociology
Kate Slevin

The hallmark of a W&M education is the level of personal attention our students receive from a world-class faculty—faculty who have been recognized over and over again for the excellence of their teaching and for their commitment to their students. The student-faculty ratio of 12-1 ensures an unparalleled level of undergraduate faculty-student interaction for a public university in the U.S. The W&M Promise provides the critical support that allows us to sustain the level of excellence our students seek and deserve. The Promise also provides us with new and much needed resources to adequately support our faculty as they deliver this one-of-a-kind, superb educational experience.

Tom Kramer '06, Former Virginia21 Executive Director

Tom Kramer“Young people face two main challenges as they plan for the future – paying for a high quality education and finding a good job. William & Mary's new plan, without fail, addresses these challenges head on. It has developed a plan that is predictable, sustainable, and affordable. Current and future students will attend William & Mary with the certainty of the value of their degree and their ability to compete for jobs in a global economy.”

Karthik Ilakkuvan '13

Karthik Ilakkuvan“The first priority for faculty at William & Mary is teaching, and I think that's really what makes William & Mary unique. I like that the William & Mary Promise demonstrates the College's commitment to innovation and the use of technology to enhance the William & Mary learning experience. In addition, it means we can reduce the amount of debt that kids leave college with, and still make sure that more Virginia students have access to a William & Mary education.”

Katie Fottrell '13

Katie Fottrell“For me, William & Mary means opportunity—a great opportunity for a high caliber education. For new students, the William & Mary Promise provides peace of mind to know that tuition is never going to change—that when you come in as a freshman, what you're paying is what you're paying. That kind of security really can't be taken for granted.”

Erin Battle '13

Erin Battle“The small class sizes that you get at William & Mary definitely help to fuel your relationships with different professors. They do a great job of being invested in you—more than just as a student, but as a person. The William & Mary Promise protects this relationship, while helping students to have less debt once they graduate and enter the workforce. We're in this together.”

H. Thomas Watkins, III ’74, Former Chair of the W&M Foundation & Member of the Board

H. Thomas Watkins“As an alumnus and parent of two William & Mary graduates, I am delighted to support this innovative business model. The William & Mary Promise is a commitment to all who care about the College and its future. It is reassuring to know that the William & Mary I know will remain as strong as ever in the 21st century.”

Michael Halleran, Provost

Michael Halleran“The William & Mary Promise will allow W&M to continue as one of the country’s great liberal arts universities. It addresses the compelling need of faculty and staff compensation so that we can recruit, retain and reward the outstanding scholar-teachers and critical staff who make a W&M education extraordinary—and unique in a public environment.  At the same time, we become more affordable for many Virginia families. The Promise is a great step forward.”

Barbara Cole Joynes '82, Former President of the Alumni Association

Barbara Joynes“The William & Mary Promise is a commitment across the generations of our university. Alumni know that the College had to move boldly to create a future worthy of its storied past. All William & Mary’s generations – past, present, and future – can rest assured that our alma mater will continue to be a great university worthy of our pride, devotion, and support.”

Peter M. Nance '66, Former President of the Alumni Association

Peter Nance“This is a bold approach that will secure the long-term health and excellence of this great university. It is important that William & Mary can make a promise to incoming students today that helps assure our future and their future role as alumni giving back.”

Governor Terry McAuliffe

Governor Terry McAuliffe“This public-private partnership should serve as a model to universities around the country. It shows that by working together we can make high-quality education more affordable and costs more predictable for all Virginia families. The William & Mary Promise is a testament to the innovative spirit of the College’s leadership and your determination to extend the benefits of higher education to all Virginians."

Senator Tommy Norment

Senator Tommy Norment“The William & Mary Promise represents a commitment to both the College and the Commonwealth. It’s a decisive action to secure William & Mary’s exceptional quality for years to come while increasing access for Virginians. The tuition guarantee allows students and their families to know the cost of a William & Mary education and plan accordingly. Financial aid will reach further into the middle class, reducing the burden on these hard-working families.

Delegate Chris Jones

Chris Jones“The William & Mary Promise is an innovative new business model that secures the future needs of Virginia’s distinctive public Ivy as well as addresses key goals of the Commonwealth that we outlined in the Top Jobs legislation.  They have found a way to provide greater access and predictability for Virginia students and their families, all while ensuring the quality of one of our nation’s finest institutions.”