Addressing W&M's Key Priorities

Setting our course

Under the new model the university anticipates generating an additional $8.1 million in new revenue in 2013-2014, $10.6 million in 2014-15 and $10 million in 2015-2016. This new revenue includes the tuition increase, as well as revenue from enrollment growth and anticipated state funds.

W&M's strategic plan

William & Mary will use the additional revenue to address priorities identified in the university’s strategic plan and developed in the six-year plan as required by and reviewed under the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2011 (TJ21). This includes significant increases for financial aid for undergraduate and graduate students, support needed for planned enrollment increases and compensation increases for faculty and staff.

Faculty salaries

The W&M Promise will allow the university to make significant progress towards meeting the state's long-standing goal of having its colleges and universities provide faculty salaries at the 60th percentile of their SCHEV-identified peers.  

Faculty Salary Average (State Goal 60th Percentile)