Educational Impact

Enhancing W&M's academic excellence

As a public ivy, W&M fills a critical niche offering the intensive educational experience of the leading private institutions at significantly less cost to Virginians. A W&M education produces graduates who think rigorously and synthesize knowledge from various fields, work creatively to solve problems, communicate effectively and make a difference as leaders in existing and emerging fields, making W&M a vital resource for Virginia and the world.

The Governor’s Higher Education Commission highlighted the Commonwealth’s commitment to maintaining William & Mary as a “distinctive public ivy.” In terms of enrollment, quality of student body and intensive engagement of students with faculty, William & Mary stands alone.

William & Mary: The true public ivy.

Recruiting and retaining superb faculty

To deliver an outstanding public ivy education, we need outstanding people. The William & Mary Promise provides the necessary resources to recruit and retain the superb faculty needed to educate our students effectively and conduct important research.

More seats for Virginian students

Overall in-state undergraduate enrollment will increase by an additional 150 students above previous commitments, phased in over a four-year period. This is in addition to the 150 in-state slots William & Mary has been phasing in since 2010. When completely phased in, W&M will have added an additional 300 spots for Virginia students compared to the 2010 enrollment when the expansion began—an increase of about 8%. Over that same period we will have modestly increased the number of out-of-state students while maintaining our commitment to a 65% in-state undergraduate enrollment.