William & Mary

Energy Data of the William & Mary Community

Energy Consumption and Other Useful Data

Here are some companion videos that highlight points of interest from our data. We have put them up on Youtube for ease of sharing and would appreciate your help in getting the word out.

{{youtube:medium|fbi-_2GdUt4, Total Energy Expense ($) Per MMBTU (Million British Thermal Units)}}

{{youtube:medium|p81go1k8gBo, CO2 Emissions 1990-2012}}

{{youtube:medium|pqEIaRvMSDA, 2012 W&M Energy Resource Breakdown}}

{{youtube:medium|fc1z9xNDsmE, 2012 W&M Energy Resource Cost Breakdown}}

{{youtube:medium|yr5nhGs6_t4, Campus Electricity Use}}

{{youtube:medium|J0RdXKmfSjM, Campus Electricity Use: Proposed 19% Reduction House Bill No. 70 }}

{{youtube:medium|Rv7waIZxdpE, Cost Per Year, Propane}}