Green to Gold Challenge

A 24-hour sustainability case competition

The Green to Gold Fund (GTG) Committee is hosting a 24-hour sustainability case competition this November! This event will create a structured environment for interdisciplinary student teams to work closely with local sustainability experts to suggest creative, cost-saving ideas for the campus that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and resource use.

The GTG Challenge committee is accepting applications until Sept 17 @ 7pm

Apply to be on the planning committee!

  • External Relations Directors (2) - Students will focus on recruitment of outside resources, such as speakers, experts, etc.  External Relations Directors will also work with Managing Directors in spearheading and contact with partners.
  • Event Director (1) - Student will handle the logistics of the event itself, such as venue, equipment, check-in, transportation (if needed), lodging (if needed), and food.
  • Marketing Director (1) - Student will work with various departments across campus to manage contents of event website and promote event through email campaigns, newsletters, social media, and club meetings.
  • Content Director (1) - Student will work with Managing Directors, along with various faculty and administration, to collect and streamline all data necessary for competition.

 Questions? Contact [[e|zhuang02, Zhuowei Huang ]]'18 and [[e|moramirez, Manuel Ramirez]] '18