EcoAmbassador Internship Program

EcoAmbassadors are students chosen to communicate the message of sustainability through projects in partnership with departments and offices on campus.  EcoAmbassadors help to green office practices, educate the W&M community about sustainable practices, and create programs to carry out sustainability related projects at the College.

EcoAmbassadors may be eligible to receive one to three credits through the Environmental Science and Policy program for their participation, some projects qualify as an ENSP Capstone. The internship will consist of approximately 5 hours spent per week creating and implementing a sustainability project in a department or office, in collaboration with a supervising staff or faculty member.  Class will be held monthly with the EcoAmbassador instructor Calandra Waters Lake, Director of Sustainability.  This is a great opportunity to work with different departments or offices on campus on environmental issues that are important to the College community. 

If you have questions about the EcoAmbassador program or any of the projects, contact Calandra at [[waterslake]].

Sustainability Course Survey | 1 position | spring semester | 1 ENSP credit

Under the supervision of the sustainability and in collaboration with a sustainability intern, this project will produce a complete list of sustainability and sustainability-related courses that were taught in the 2017-2018 year. This information will be submitted for W&M's next AASHE STARS rating and will help better inform future decision making around sustainability and academics. Strong communication, organization, and data analysis skills are required. Experience with Excel is preferred. Apply by January 24, 2018.

W&M Earth Week 2018 | 2 positions | 2-3 ENSP credits

Abby Davidson (chair), Julia Montgomery (co-chair)

W&M Earth Week is 7 days of activities, programs, and displays in celebration of Earth Day (April 22), culminating in a fun-filled festival.  The Earth Week Committee chair and co-chair will work with the sustainability director, Calandra Waters Lake. They will manage the committee program coordinators and must have strong communication and organization skills, attention to detail, ability to delegate and team build, as well as comfort in leading a group.  Planning takes place in the fall, with implementation in the spring. Spring 2018 also carries a sustainability theme, and subsequent visitors, for COLL 300 courses, and will be a very inclusive and exciting Earth Week.

Project Goals
  • Lead a collaborative planning process that includes input from many campus and community stakeholders
  • Coordinate and implement a strategic number of Earth Week events
  • Partner with campus and community groups
  • Incorporate the COLL 300 sustainability theme
  • Act as the hub, creating a platform for other groups to advertise and network their Earth Week events
  • Create and advertise a week of events that draws attention to the broad message of sustainability

Defining the Landscape of Green Careers | 1 position | year-long | 2-3 credits

Caroline Garman

This student will be working with the Cohen Career Center’s Wendy Webb-Robers, Director, Public Service Careers, and Don Snyder, Associate Director, STEM Careers. The EcoAmbassador will explore and define the multiple facets of the green career industry through organization and occupational research via websites, LinkedIn, and interviews with professionals in the field. Information gathered will include occupational profiles (daily activities, skills, education); and industry trends. A major component of the project will be comprised of conducting and editing interviews to add to the career center website and other communication channels. Interviews will be mostly with William & Mary alumni and parents, but may include other professionals. This student should be comfortable and confident with interviewing industry professionals via phone, Skype, and email/LinkedIn.  Strong verbal and written communication skills preferred with the ability to translate and synthesize information into comprehensive occupational profiles. A basic understanding of, or ability to learn video and audio editing is also preferred.  Initiative and resourcefulness are a must to act on leads for interviews with professionals and develop and manage the project.

Project goals:
  • A collection of interviews highlighting career paths in the green industry, which can be utilized by the career center staff in advising students, as well as students on their own.

  • Contact information for these professionals   in the green industry, which will be utilized for student informational interviews, career panel participants, individual speakers, and potential recruiting activities. 
  • The ability for the EcoAmbassador to be a resource on the topic of green careers for outreach purposes, which may include participation in a career center program.
VIMS Discovery Lab Assistant | 2 positions | year-long, with focus in Spring semester | 2-3 credits

Nina Lesser & Josh Panganiban

The student(s) selected for this project will work with Sarah Nuss, Education Coordinator, and education staff for the Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve at VIMS, to create informal education activities and demonstrations for the Discovery Lab program.  The Discovery Lab program is a monthly, family-friendly outreach event on the VIMS campus designed to allow families to learn about marine science together, with each month focusing on a specific marine science theme.  The EcoAmbassador will assist with the planning and creation of a “Climate Corner” at each of the January, February, and March labs, focusing on how climate change will impact the highlighted habitat or species.  In April, the EcoAmbassador will be the main contributor, planning and implementing a Discovery Lab on a topic of their choice related to the Bay, including a “Climate Corner”.  The EcoAmbassador for this project should be well organized, creative, and enthusiastic about working with the public and environmental education.  This is a full year project, with planning taking place in the Fall semester, and more hands-on work in the Spring semester.  Ability to travel to VIMS required.

Project Goals:
  • Work with Education staff to develop topic for April 2017 Discovery Lab.
  • Develop a “Climate Corner” for the Discovery Labs taking place in January-April.
  • Volunteer at the Discovery Labs in January-March.
  • Develop hands-on activities, demonstrations, and display information for Discovery Lab in April.
  • Assist with evaluation of the program.