Housekeeping and Chemicals

  • Housekeeping installed metering stations that measure set amounts of cleaning products used by the housekeeping staff. This helps reduce waste and overuse of cleaning materials.
  • Housekeeping started using some green cleaning products when they implemented their new dispensing units in buildings on campus last year. Some of the cleaning products are Green Seal certified.
  • Housekeeping partners with a list of selected vendors who assist them on how to help the College become more cost-efficient regarding its supplies and dispensing systems. These products are ecologically friendly and health-conscious, utilizing the latest technology in the custodial industry. Some of the initiatives are already in place, while others are under evaluation for consideration for implementation.
  • Beginning in 2005, we began a program to reduce mercury use in the academic labs. We replaced mercury thermometers with alcohol or digital thermometers. We disposed of legacy equipment containing mercury (blood pressure cuffs, manometers, etc.) after draining the mercury and recycling it.
  • The EH&S office encourages faculty and staff to purchase Cozy Toes/Toasty Toes heated mats and foot rest in lieu of space heaters for heating comfort in cold offices. These heaters draw 90 watts, 94% less power than a 1500 watt electric space heater.