• LEED Certification is the new standard for campus construction. The renovated Rec Center and the Jamestown North and South residence halls are LEED certified. The new School of Education, the Mason School of Business' Alan B. Miller Hall, and the Sherman and Gloria H. Cohen Career Center all planned to be certified. See more information on the sustainable qualities of Miller Hall, which has applied for LEED-Gold certification.
  • Facilities Management’s Facilities, Plans, Design & Construction performs a hazardous materials survey as a part of their project planning. Based on the hazmat survey results, the EH&S Office assists with disposal of the hazardous materials with a focus on recycling as much material as possible.
  • The renovation of the campus power plant in the spring of 2009 included replacing the fire suppression system with new Sapphire technology. Sapphire chemicals are EPA-approved, meet the registration requirements of SNAP (Significant New Alternative Policy), and persist in the environment for only a few days (vs 36 years for traditional materials)