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Join one (or more) of our working groups and help make a difference.

COS recruits members on a yearly basis. Promoting President Reveley's Policy on Sustainability with the help of many committed volunteers, COS manages the student Green Fees and distributes money to complete worthy, sustainability related projects proposed by students, faculty and staff.  Past projects have included the Do One Thing Campaign, establishing recycling at athletics events, and purchasing an electric truck for the College's fleet. In addition to Green Fee Projects, COS manages many sustainability efforts across campus.

COS is made up of a Steering Committee and three subcommittees. 
The Steering Committee

Composed of faculty members, members of the administration, staff members and three students.  Each subcommittee is composed of several working groups covering various issues concerning sustainability, such as recycling, food sustainability, energy and storm water management.  The subcommittees are co-charied by a student and a staff or faculty member.  The co-chairs are members of the Steering Committee. 

The three subcommittees are:

  • Science and Technical Advisory Subcommittee (STAC)
  • Operations Subcommittee (OPS)  
  • Program and Education Subcommittee (PEDS).  

As a member of the Steering Committee, a student would co-chair a subcommittee and expect to spend about 5 hours per week on COS related activities, as well as attend monthly Steering Committee meetings.  There are currently no student Steering Committee positions available; check back regularly for updates.

A working group volunteer would expect to spend 1 to 2 hours per week on COS related activities, as well as attending monthly working group meetings.  There is no interview for a working group position, and everyone who fills out a membership form is accepted.

Learn more about COS to find out which subcommittee/working group is the right fit for you!

If you have questions about the committee itself, please contact the Director of Sustainability, Calandra Waters Lake, at [[waterslake]], or Co-Chairs of the COS, Lynda Butler at [[llbutl]] or Dennis Taylor at [[dltayl]].


If you are interested in volunteering for the Committee on Sustainability, please complete the online form


If you are interested in volunteering for the Committee on Sustainability, please complete the Fac/Staff online form.